EXODUS Guitarist Explains Abbreviated Brazilian Performance

October 27, 2004

EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt has posted the following message regarding the group's abbreviated performance in Recife, Brazil over the weekend:

"I just want to give my apologies to everyone who came to the show in Recife to see us play five songs and leave. It was the most painful thing I've ever had to do but we had no choice. We had to get to the airport or we miss our flight. It probably should have never been rescheduled in the first place since we did not have time to give the fans the show they deserved. It was made all the more painful by the fact that the fans in Recife were, without a doubt, the best of the whole Brazilian tour. I did not want to leave but I had to. The local promoter wanted us to do the show knowing that we probably would not have time to do a real show. I am very sorry about this and I want to let all of you know WE WILL MAKE IT UP TO YOU ALL! We played all the Brazilian shows for free. We made zero dollars. We did it to make it up to our fans for the first canceled tour. Unfortunantly Recife did not get what they deserved.

"Our tour started with the airline breaking the neck of my red Bernie Rico Jr. So right there this tour cost me a 3500-dollar guitar. But I didn't let it ruin my trip. The tour ended with us driving 7 hours from Sao Paulo for a show, driving back to S.P. right after the show, flying to Recife, playing five sogs and flying from there to S.P., to Miami, and to LAX. It was a very rough tour on us. No rest whatsoever. But I'm willing to fly my ass back to Recife any way I can and play for free to right the wrong. I only want everyone there to understand it was not our fault. We love Brazil, we have many friends and some of the greatest fans in the world there. And the town of Recife is the kind of place I'd like to spend days in, not hours. Very beautiful city, and some of the best fans in Brazil. It hurt all of us deeply to bail out. And stage divers were no problem. They were not in the way at all. I welcome them until shit gets broken. The only broken was done by American fucking Airlines."

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