EYEHATEGOD Frontman Working On Biography

January 21, 2010

During an interview with About.com's Justin M. Norton, EYEHATEGOD frontman Mike IX Williams revealed that he will collaborate with a female teacher at Auburn University on his upcoming biography. Williams also discussed his plans for future writing and spoken-word projects; his favorite books and authors and how he was influenced by the writers of the Beat Generation. Williams also said that EYEHATEGOD has five songs completed for an upcoming album. Excerpts from the chat follow below.

About.com: What have you read that has inspired you as a lyricist and someone who writes what is basically free verse poetry?

Williams: The Beat poets were a big influence. Charles Bukowski was one of things that hit me. He was a real person who could write poetry. It wasn't about flowers and fruity things. I realized then I could write about anything I wanted. I could write about how depressed I am, just misery and life in general. Bukowski showed me that. Also (William) Burroughs ... he was a big influence as far as the chopped-up style I have. Some of the stuff in my book has been rearranged, and Burroughs had that cut-up style.

About.com: One of the things I notice about your writing is that some verse is just one or two lines, one flash of insight. It seems like you are giving readers a view of how someone struggling with addiction looks at the world. Is that how you are trying to present some of your work?

Williams: Yes and no. It's a look into the way I am. But it's not always about addiction. There is stuff about relationships. There's other things I want to get across. A lot of it is obviously (about addiction) but it's also about my life is a kid.

About.com: Do you find it difficult to get the point across with just a few lines?

Williams: I like to be vague and cryptic. But at the same time I want to get my points across further. I guess my style can be frustrating. There is a girl in Alabama now and we're doing a biography. I think I'm going to end up being mentally screwed for about a year. She's a teacher at Auburn University. She's talking to my brother, my family and all my friends and all the people who hate me (laughs). I wanted to do (an autobiography) for years but it's a lot of work to do your own story, especially if you are in a band. I didn't think anyone would give a fuck. But she says that people will care and that there's a story here so I said let's do it.

About.com: What's the difference when you are onstage performing and when you are sitting by yourself writing?

Williams: There's no difference. When we play I'll spit on people and punch people. But I try to be a civil guy and get along in society. It's very hard, but I try. I'm on probation and I need to watch my p's and q's and not go back to jail. Even if that wasn't the case, on stage we become an entity. It's a good band to be in. When we start and I hear the feedback and the guitars cranked up I look at my friends, my best friends. I've been with these guys for 20 years and I'm happy to be there.

About.com: Is the band working on new material now?

Williams: We have five new songs written. We need to put out a new record. But there is new material.

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