FAITH NO MORE Keyboardist's MAN ON MAN To Release Second Single, 'Baby, You're My Everything', Next Week

August 25, 2020

MAN ON MAN, the project featuring FAITH NO MORE keyboardist Roddy Bottum and his boyfriend Joey Holman, will release its second single, "Baby, You're My Everything", on Tuesday, September 1.

MAN ON MAN stated about the track: "Can't wait to share, it's gonna be real gay."

The group's debut single, "Daddy", came out in May.

MAN ON MAN's Instagram describes the project as "gay lovers making gay music."

"We're setting out ultimately to document this odd time in the history of the world and to address the importance of creativity and togetherness," Bottum told Rolling Stone. "The statement of the song and video for 'Daddy' maybe is a celebration of love in isolation and is a love letter to the not-so-distant past of a place and time where we communed physically together with our queer community."

Regarding the MAN ON MAN promotional photo and video, which feature Bottum and Holman in tight whitey briefs, Roddy said: "There's enough representation in the gay community of young, hairless pretty men. It feels good to represent a faction of our culture that isn't squeaky and manicured. Based on the ageist and homophobic responses posted in the comments section of a straight publication that ran our photo, I'm happy to be those faces on the queer map."

Bottum was one of the first openly gay famous rockers, casually announcing his homosexuality in a 1993 interview for The Advocate with the iconic gay journalist Lance Loud.

"It was preposterous to me that people would have issues with it, but it was a difficult time," Bottum told Tidal in a 2019 interview. "I was in a band [FAITH NO MORE] that was being embraced by bands like METALLICA and GUNS N' ROSES. Really hetero vibes and really over-the-top, sexist, clichéd camps of musical dinosaur vibes."

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, FAITH NO MORE was supposed to return to the road in the spring, five years after the release of the group's acclaimed reunion album, "Sol Invictus".

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