FALCONER To Get 'Faster And Harder' On Upcoming CD

June 25, 2004

Sweden's FALCONER are continuing to write material for their new album despite the recent departures of second guitarist Anders Johansson and bassist Peder Johansson. "[The fact that we are] two members short at the moment . . . does not affect the future of the band in any way, nor the songwriting," guitarist Stefan Weinerhall writes on the group's web site. "The writing for the new album has gone very well so far. It seems like this time we have to cut out songs from the album for the first time.

"It might be a bit too early to say yet, but the material feels very fresh and sometimes different. Over all, it feels like it's gonna be a bit faster and harder.

"I have just visited [singer] Kristoffer [Göbel] in the lovely Gothenburg archipelago for some bouncing of ideas, writing lyrics and drinking beer. He will be more involved in the new album since he's got some really great ideas. The new album is planned to be recorded around New Year.

"We are also recording some bonus material for the next album + a little song that will end up on the website only. The bonus recording is more like a fun thing we're doing but we think it will please some fans."

With regards to the group's new member search, Stefan writes, "We have gotten quite some interest from people who want the job. Since we're not in any hurry we won't rush to a decision but a bass player have been tested and it looks promising so far."

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