FEAR FACTORY Frontman Changes Name Of Solo Project

April 30, 2003

FEAR FACTORY frontman Burton C. Bell has changed the name of his new project to ASCENSION OF THE WATCHERS from the previously announced THE WATCHERS.

The following is Bell's most recent posting to the group's official web site, www.thewatchers.org:

"My trip to New York City, and to Pennsylvania was amazing. I feel I have been dazed ever since. The people I met up with are great guys, super cool, and very talented. I met up with them in NYC, and we borrowed a van, loaded up their gear, and headed to [former FEAR FACTORY collaborator/keyboardist] John [Bechdel]'s studio in Pennsylvania. It was a three-hour drive, on a sunny day, and we all had a chance to talk and what-not. I felt very comfortable immediately, not intimidated by these musicians, all of whom I highly respect as talented artists. (I was trying my best not to 'geek out'.)

"We arrived to John's around late afternoon. We had a chance to chill out, stretch, and enjoy the first days of spring evolve before our eyes. After some food, and coffee, we started to set everything up. We spent about 15 hours jamming together over the weekend. We were able to get all the songs that have been written into a session where we were able to record the progress.

"The live band that I gathered together elevated the music to an entirely new level. I was amazed at how good it sounded, for such a small amount of time. I witnessed the true nature of the songs bloom right before me. The band added the intensity that I have been searching for. They tastefully added their style to the music. The fact that they even like my new songs still astounds me. The session went better than I expected, and the music sounded better than I imagined. My secret keeps getting better and better.

"I am not going to reveal the identity of the people I am jamming with at this time, because they have not completely decided if they are going to commit to this project. We need to get together a few more times, actually write a couple of songs together, to see if we can work together. But hopefully, soon, all that will change.
On another note, I had some legal matters to deal with concerning the name of my project. Due to an ambiguous copyright issue with a band in Chicago, and with the growth of my project, as people become part of it, I have slightly altered the name of my project.

"I decided that I would slightly change my project name from THE WATCHERS, to the aptly titled ASCENSION OF THE WATCHERS. The more I let this sit in my mind, the more I liked the sound of it, and how it seemed to fit well with the concept of the music, lyrics and imagery that I am trying to capture. I also have trademarked the logo that is all over the website. The logo still fits with the concept, probably even more so. Consider me a very relieved individual for getting this all sorted.

"I will be returning to the east coast in June, and I am actually talking to a couple of club bookers for possible dates in July. There is nothing definite as of yet, however, you will be the first to know of any possible show for my new project ASCENSION OF THE WATCHERS."

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