FEAR FACTORY Frontman Checks In, Offers Another MP3 Download

THE WATCHERS, the new project featuring FEAR FACTORY frontman Burton C. Bell and longtime FEAR FACTORY collaborator/keyboardist John Bechdel, have updated their official web site with another personal message from Bell and another full-length MP3 from their recently completed "Iconoclast" six-song demo.

The following is Burton's latest posting in its entirety:

"It has nearly been 3 months since my last confession, and there is much to tell…can you spare a little time?

"First of all, I have decided, after much personal deliberations, to post another new song on the website. This selection is titled 'On The River', and it is definitely going to stir some commotion. This is the last song that I recorded with John in Pennsylvania. The inspiration for this song came to me as I sat at my back window of my Pennsylvania studio, watching the mighty waters of the Susquehana River pass by my view. Sounds of falling leaves rustling through the rhythms of an endless flow, sunlight bouncing off the trickling waves into my eyes it was the beginning of fall, and the world was changing beautifully, and I felt the change in me as well. I felt alive and aware, and I literally wrote this song on the river. I would like to reiterate that it is only a demo, and therefore, the quality is not what a normal album recording will be. This recording is not the final version of the song, so please understand that the quality is as good as I could afford at the time.

"I received many positive emails about 'Residual Presence'. Some of you were kind enough to send in your thoughts about the technical and artistic aspects of the song, and I have taken all advice in stride. Your thoughts and support have been so very important to my mental well being. You have enabled me to keep going. Thank you so much.

"Secondly, I have connected with 3 musicians that are very interested in taking a chance with me, and willing to try and play with THE WATCHERS. At this time, I will not say their names, because I have not met with them yet, and nothing has been decided. I will say that I respect the hell out of these musicians! I am departing to New York City on March 13 to meet with them, and to jam THE WATCHERS songs. I am anxiously excited because I can picture the power these guys will add to the music. Also, if this meeting goes very well, I will have a full band that will be THE WATCHERS, and that only means one thing…LIVE SHOWS!!! (I am knocking on wood).

"Since January, I have been sending my demo out to so many labels, and the waiting has been a weight heavy as lead on my mind. There is always a time where they have to sit and listen and evaluate the music, just like you will when the album is eventually released. In the past 2 weeks, I have started to get replies, and discussion has started from a couple of labels, which will also remain nameless. I am not sending my demo to any major labels at all, only independent labels. I feel that an independent will allow me my artistic freedom that I have been searching for, without having to be concerned with what the absurd radio climate dictates. How many times can we hear the same crap? Answer: crap is equal to the amount of money consumed… Luckily, I am not asking for much, mostly artistic freedom.

"As some of you can attest, I have been replying to emails on an individual basis, and responding to each individual question. I thought I could type fast, but not as fast as I would like. If you have written me an email, and have not heard from me yet, I will eventually get to yours. Please be patient.

"On THE WATCHERS forum, there has been many interesting and creative conversation going on between you. It has been rather exciting to see all of you communicating about something new and exciting, and coming up with all sorts of theories pertaining to the concept of THE WATCHERS. Sometimes I feel like a fly on the wall, and none of you realize I am there...I am such a voyeur. The basis of my concept comes solely from the writings of Enoch, from The Dead Sea Scrolls. I am extrapolating my own idea, and creating my own story. It is a beautifully painstaking procedure, but the final result will be so rewarding for me, and everyone else.

"I sense a charge of electricity in the air around me, and I am feeling amped to get THE WATCHERS off the ground.

"Burton C. Bell"

Download "On The River" from this location.


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