FEAR FACTORY Frontman Completes Work On 'Solo' Demo

December 27, 2002

THE WATCHERS, the new project featuring FEAR FACTORY frontman Burton C. Bell and longtime FEAR FACTORY collaborator/keyboardist John Bechdel, have completed work on a six-song demo, titled "Iconoclast".

The tracks featured on the CD are as follows:

01. Evading
02. Moonshine
03. Residual Presence
04. On The River
05. Hypnotized (FLEETWOOD MAC cover)
06. Quintessence (instrumental)

An full-length MP3 of "Residual Presence" can be downloaded from the band's official web site at this location.

Commented Bell: "For a demo, I am really happy with the way it has turned out. Of course, it could use a better mix, but I made due, to the best of my ability. I will be placing 'Residual Presence' on the site as an mp3, so you will be able to hear 1 song for now. I am certain most of you will be surprised with what you hear, and some will even send extremely negative feedback. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, however, there will be those that understand, and will appreciate the music I have created.

"In the start of the New Year, I will be sending demos out to record labels to start shopping for the deal that best suits my goals, needs, and wants. Being that I am officially a 'free agent,' it will be interesting to see what offers come to fruition. So far, the only people that have the demo are family and friends. They have the full 6 songs. The labels will be receiving a 3-song demo, which is 'Evading', 'Moonshine', and 'Residual Presence'. If they are interested in hearing more, I will send them the rest.

"I am currently getting prepared to find group of individuals that are interested in playing the music I have written, and also interested in writing new and amazing music. It has been a year and a week since I have played live, and I am getting the itch to sing live, once more. My music has been very therapeutic for me. Now, I just need to involve the people that want to hear something new, and interesting.

"This music is nothing like [FEAR FACTORY], except for the fact that I am singing on it. The lyrics are deep with questions of life and love, spirituality and eternity. It is very scenic, and if you listened to it in a moving vehicle, you can see the passing scenery is in rhythm with the sounds of the music. (I know you hate it when I am vague, but I cannot compare it to other bands, or you will already judge it before it is heard.)

"What will the New Year bring? I am not Nostradamus, (I have been accused of it),so I can't make predictions. All I can do is prepare for the future, and be ready for anything that comes into my flow. That is all we can do. So, I have made a plan to follow, and I will see what happens!"

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