FEAR FACTORY Frontman Is 'Not That Concerned About' Name Dispute

January 25, 2010

David E. Gehlke of Blistering.com recently conducted an interview with FEAR FACTORY vocalist Burton C. Bell. An excerpt from the chat follows below.

Blistering.com: If I were to tell you five years ago that you would be back with Dino [Cazares, FF guitarist] and also have Gene Hoglan in the band, what would you say?

Burton C. Bell: I don't know...strange things happen in this world [laughs]. It happens in its own course, I guess. If you would have said that to me five years ago, I definitely would have thought you were on drugs [laughs]. Never say never.

Blistering.com: Just by listening to your vocal performance on "Mechanize", it sounds like you have been invigorated. Is that stating the obvious?

Bell: Absolutely. The greater consciousness of this band is really strong right now and with Dino back in, it's like that history, that chemistry is working again and I missed it.

Blistering.com: Could you say that perhaps that chemistry wasn't there for "Transgression"?

Bell: Yeah, there was something... something lacking. There was a change going on in the music that was definitely a transgression of FEAR FACTORY, that's for sure.

Blistering.com: Has there been any progress on the legal battle over the band's name? Rather, are you concerned about it?

Bell: I'm not that concerned about it. We're using it. We have an album coming out, we toured under the name. Dino and I founded the band. I'm very confident that all parties can come to a resolution and we don't have to worry about it.

Blistering.com: The latest trend is for bands to play their classic albums in their entirety. Will we see that now that it's the 15th anniversary of "Demanufacture"?

Bell: Oh yeah. We've definitely discussed that — that could be cool.

Blistering.com: Some songs like "Dog Day Sunrise" you haven't played in a while I would imagine...

Bell: Yeah, it's been a while [laughs]. "Therapy For Pain", "Bodyhammer". "H-K" is in the set. "Flashpoint" is in the set. It will probably happen, yes.

Read the entire interview at Blistering.com.

Video footage of FEAR FACTORY performing the song "Hunter-Killer" on January 18, 2009 at the Manning Bar in Sydney, Australia can be viewed below.

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