FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Guitarist Says IVAN MOODY's Lyrics For New Single, 'Trouble', Are Autobiographical

October 31, 2017

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH last week confirmed a December 1 release date for its greatest-hits collection, "A Decade Of Destruction", and released one of two new tracks included on the album, a song called "Trouble". Guitarist Zoltan Bathory told The Pulse Of Radio that singer Ivan Moody's lyrics for the song were inspired by Moody's own recent struggles to stay sober. "Ivan is the hand grenade without the, you know [laughs], without the pin, so he wrote the lyrics, obviously, and I think it's about himself, that he is trouble. You know, he's straightening out. It's good to see him getting sober, getting straight, and so I guess this song now is in a — now it's a past-tense song."

The other new song included with the set is titled "Gone Away".

Drummer Jeremy Spencer told Razor 94.7 that he was unsure about doing a greatest-hits LP at first, saying, "I was, like, 'Do we even have enough hits?' And then we looked and we have, like, thirteen or fifteen radio hits. It just seems like it just started, even though it's been ten years. We're always wrapped up in our vacuum, in our cocoon of our daily life, so you don't pay attention to that stuff. And now we're, like, 'We have a greatest hits.' And the label thought it was the right time, so we were, like, 'Cool. Let's put some new songs on it, though.' We don't wanna make… 'Cause people can pretty much… You know, they have the records already. But now this is a cool package with different stuff on it. The artwork's really rad. It's cool."

The hits collection and an already-completed new studio album are part of a deal to settle a legal dispute and close out the band's contract with its label, Prospect Park.

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH's seventh full-length LP, which was finished nearly a year ago, will follow up 2015's "Got Your Six" and will be released in spring 2018.

The band is currently preparing to embark on a European arena tour with IN FLAMES and OF MICE & MEN.

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH signed a new North American recording deal with Rise Records last year.