FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Singer's Anxieties Find Way Into New Song

April 28, 2008

The Pulse of Radio reports: FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH recently released a brand new song called "Never Enough" as a free download to fans who have already bought or are now buying the band's debut album, "The Way of the Fist". The track, which is also the band's new single, was written and recorded during some down time while singer Ivan Moody was recovering from a throat problem. He told The Pulse of Radio that some of the anxiety he was feeling at the time made its way into the song. "When I was laying on my back, I was getting emails from fans for one, actually mad at me for having my throat go out," he said. "And not to mention, you know, once we did start working in the studio, it just started coming to me that, here we are, you know, shuffling this material back and forth, and the label of course always has their fingers in just got to a point where I was like, you know, when does it become enough? When can I just not give away any more of my soul and it's acceptable?"

In order to obtain the song, fans must go to and insert the CD into their computers, after which the track can be accessed.

"The Way of the Fist" will be re-released on May 3 with "Never Enough" and two additional new tracks included.

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH began a U.S. trek with DISTURBED on Sunday (April 27) in Wichita, Kansas, with the two bands playing on Tuesday (April 29) in Amarillo, Texas. The group will also appear on this summer's Rockstar Energy Mayhem Tour with DISTURBED and SLIPKNOT.

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