Former CRUCIFIED BARBARA Guitarist On Band's Split: 'It Was Time For Us To Move Forward'

January 4, 2019

Former CRUCIFIED BARBARA guitarist Klara "Force" Rönnqvist Fors has told France's Loud TV that the band's 2016 split had been a long time coming. "It had been kind of a hard time for a while, so it was time for us to move forward," she said (see video below). "It was just the next step in life — to quit the old and start fresh."

After CRUCIFIED BARBARA's breakup, Klara and her bandmates Ida "Evileye" Stenbacka (bass) and Nikki Wicked (a.k.a. Jannicke Lindström, drums) joined forces with DEATHSTARS bassist Jonas "Skinny Disco" Kangur (on lead guitar) and burlesque performer, model and singer Pepper Potemkin in a new group called THE HEARD. THE HEARD's debut album, "The Island", was released in November via Despotz Records.

Klara told Loud TV: "This has nothing to do with CRUCIFIED BARBARA, even if there's three of us in the band. This is THE HEARD, and this is the kind of music we've been longing — at least me personally, I've been longing to play this kind of music. Very emotional, big feelings, dark… It's different, and it's different because we like it this way."

CRUCIFIED BARBARA announced its breakup in June 2016, two years after the release of the band's fourth album, "In The Red". The group explained at the time that "our lives have parted and we need to move on. The last years have taken its toll on all of us and the joy of playing together got lost somewhere along the way."

THE HEARD made its live debut in February 2018 at the Where's The Music festival in Norrköping, Sweden.


* Klara Force (CRUCIFIED BARBARA) - Guitar
* Ida Evileye (CRUCIFIED BARBARA) - Bass
* Nikki Wicked (CRUCIFIED BARBARA) - Drums
* Jonas "Skinny Disco" Kangur (DEATHSTARS) - Lead Guitar
* Pepper Potemkin - Vocals

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