July 29, 2010

French old-school death metallers AFFLICTION GATE have issued the following update:

"First of all, we finally decided to add our session live lead guitarist as an official member of the band now: Bobby (member of old-school thrash metal band HUNGRY JOHNNY) showed a real involvement, interest and dedication to AFFLICTION GATE so we came to the conclusion that he was the best for this job more than ever.

"We are working on new material to complete and release a mini-CD, including three brand new tracks (one of them being a collaboration with Rogga Johansson of PAGANIZER, BONE GNAWER, ex-EDGE OF SANITY, etc.) and a MASSACRE cover, 'Corpsegrinder'. This recording will also appear on a bonus seven-inch EP coming with the 'Aeon Of Nox...' limited LP version. It's a bit early to speak about a release date but we really hope that both MCD and LP+EP will be available for early 2011 both still on Metal Inquisition Records (Germany),of course.

"A slightly alternate version of 'The Worst Is Yet To Come' with some different arrangements might be recorded for a promo sampler of Metal Inquisition Records.

"The idea of an official video clip for the song 'Knights Of Scorn' is on hold. Not sure if it will ever happen, anyway, as it's not a priority at the moment. Time will tell...

"We have the immense privilege to announce that Rick Rozz (MANTAS, DEATH, MASSACRE, M.INC) agreed to guest on our upcoming recording later this year.

"It's just fucking awesome and unbelievable for us to have this death metal originator at our side whose work on milestones as [DEATH's] 'Leprosy' and [MASSACRE's] 'From Beyond' had such an impact on us as death metal fans back in the very early '90s and still today through our music! He will contribute with [solos] on one of our new tracks and on our infamous 'Corpsegrinder' [MASSACRE] cover version."

AFFLICTION GATE's debut album, "Aeon of Nox (From Darkness Comes Liberation)", was released last year via Metal Inquisition (the thrash/death metal division of No Colours Records).

The band's "Severance (Dead To This World)" EP came out in December 2008 through Forgotten Wisdom Productions.

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