Former DIVINE EMPIRE Drummer Says JASON BLACHOWICZ's New Lineup Is A 'Cover Band'

July 19, 2005

Former DIVINE EMPIRE drummer Duane Timlin has sent the following statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

"Guitarist J.P. Soars and drummer Duane Timlin have given up on efforts on controlling the name DIVINE EMPIRE and will be continuing on as THY DIVINE EMPIRE, thus separating themselves from what will now be DIVINE EMPIRE the cover band [see previous BLABBERMOUTH.NET stories: Story#1, Story#2, Story#3, Story#4, Story#5].

"THY DIVINE EMPIRE have recently found their new replacement for Jason Blachowicz (former member of MALEVOLENT CREATION) with friend and former bandmate Sean Baxter (BROKEN HOPE, COUNCIL OF THE FALLEN, EM SIMFONIA) to fill the bass and vocal duties.

"THY DIVINE EMPIRE have live dates pending as well as a new mini-CD due in the upcoming months. We would also like to add a special thanks to our fans and friends who have stuck with us and supported us through this nightmare. You all obviously see the real deal and can tell the differance between fact and fiction.

"Our playlist live will be that of our own, since we own the rights to songs like 'Storm of Hatred', 'Sacrifice in Vein', 'Ravaged', 'The Mauler', 'Cuidate del Traidor', 'Tribulations'. There will be no doubt [as] to what a THY DIVINE EMPIRE show will be all about.

"Finally, throughout all of this some have figured it out, the rest need to think about it! Why would two members stick together while one decides he needs a whole new lineup? And why would J.P. Soars, who supposedly retired, still plan to carry on? We, as the rest, should smell a rat. Anyhow, the majority know who to support!

"In other Soars/Timlin news, instead of partying, we're gettin to work (jobs work) so we can be a part of entertaining your lives, working on producing the music our fans want to hear. This involves THY DIVINE EMPIRE, of course! Soars and good friend Jason Morgan are in talks about new WYNJARA material. For info, go to

"As far as Timlin [is concerned], it's busy business as usual. War metal masters FOREST OF IMPALED will be releasing their fourth opus later this year. Minneapolis-based stoner/grindcore NEVER AGAIN, featuring former ANAL BLAST members, [have] their demo ready for distribution as well as t-shirts. Contact, or [email protected] for more info. These two projects will be looking to hit the road soon. Look for them. Also Timlin has recently teamed up with Texas locals, the ultra-brutal death metal band INGURGITATE, featuring Chris Hutto. And ILLUSTRATE THE END, with Vincent Fink, which is a newly formed melodic thrash project that will be sure to catch some attention. This project is currently seeking two lead guitarists so anyone in the Houston area or near by interested in joining a killer thrash project get in touch at [email protected]

"We will be seeing you soon!!! Hails! and once again thanks for all the support we received. Everything we do we do for the true. Skip the false!"

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