Former DOKKEN Bassist Talks About Resurgence Of Rock

January 24, 2005

In a recent interview with, former DOKKEN/DIO bassist Jeff Pilson talked about rock music's supposed resurgence. "I think it just comes down to the fact that noting has come along to takes its place yet. The MÖTLEY [CRÜE] thing you could kind of see coming. I think that there has always been a market for MÖTLEY. The world craves the excitement, and I think they are making a smart move for them time wise. I had heard that the VAN HALEN thing has not done as well as they had hoped for. I thing that is because most people would be more excited if it was David Lee Roth over Sammy Hagar. However, it wouldn't be as good, singing wise anyways.

"You know, I had this talk with someone just recently that there is some very good music out their right now, but there is no superstar bands being developed like there was in bands that came along in years past. And I know I sound like an old man saying this, but I think it is true. The environment to develop a superstar band is just not their like it was 20 years ago. The music industry today is so geared for the quick hit that even if the band are capable musicians, they just are not given the opportunity to grow like they once did. Let me ask you, who from 5 years ago is lighting it up today?"

Pilson also spoke about the rumor that DOKKEN used to have a video camera in the back lounge of their tour bus wired to the TVs in the front where the band and crew would watch the happenings from the back lounge.

"Well, as long as you mentioned the camera in the back of the bus," he responded.

"We used to get these girls that would come hang out after the shows, and sometimes you would get these girls with these huge attitudes that just thought they were that it was the dogs [and] the little princess. Now, I am not proud of all these moments, but we were young guys that were, for lack of better term, dogs in heat. In fact, Rick, our tour manager, used to joke that it was the Dogs In Heat tour. And again sometimes these princess type girls with their cool attitudes would end up on board the bus, and head to the back lounge with whichever band member and do their thing. Then they would come back up front and just act like nothing ever happened. And mind you, the whole front of the bus was watching what was going on in the back, unbeknownst to her. And the funniest one I recall was one time this girl, with such an attitude was on board. And she went to the back with whomever she was with, I can't recall. And when she returned to the front of the bus, someone made a comment about what she had just done, and she started in with her 'No way, not me, I am not that kind of girl, no way, absolutely not, blah blah blah.' And on and on she goes with this. But unbeknownst to her someone had walked behind her and hit play on the VCR, and while she is standing up giving her little speech, the entire bus is in absolute hysterics because they are watching a video of her performing her activities while she is still going on and on about how she is not that kind of girl (laughs).

"The morale of the story, don't ever mess with DOKKEN."

Read the entire interview at this location.

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