Former FEAR FACTORY Guitarist DINO CAZARES Says He Is No Longer Working With NICK BARKER

July 21, 2005

FEAR FACTORY's official fan site,, recently conducted an interview with former FEAR FACTORY guitarist Dino Cazares. Several excerpts follow: How's your new project with Nick Barker [ex-DIMMU BORGIR, CRADLE OF FILTH] coming along? Are you guys still going by the name DRIVEN BY SUFFERING?

Dino: "Nick Barker is back in England. We are not working together [anymore] and the project was never called DRIVEN BY SUFFERING. Nick just said that in an interview ... Why? I don't know. I'm still writing songs for a new band with different drummers but for right now I'm doing ASESINO." What have you been working on this past year?

Dino: "I've been working on the new ASESINO album and we just signed a deal with Latin Thug/Hawino Records so when we finish this tour [with STATIC-X], we're gonna record the new album. Writing songs for the new band and also been helping out other local bands to find them record deals ...I've also been doing the 'Roadrunner All-Stars' project." What can we expect on your part of the "Roadrunner All-Stars" [project]?

Dino: "The 'Roadrunner All-Stars' was fucking bad-ass. That was really fun. It was a little dificult to get everyone together, but it was worth it. Andreas Kisser from SEPULTURA flew in from Brazil to jam with me, Paul Gray, the bass player of SLIPKNOT, came down for this, Roy Mayorga [ex-SOULFLY, MEDICATION] played drums on three songs, Dave McClain [MACHINE HEAD, ex-SACRED REICH] played drums on one song. Marcelo [Dias], the [former] bassist of SOULFLY, played bass on one song. Nadja from COAL CHAMBER played bass on one song. Mike, the guitarist of SPINESHANK, played guitar on one song. Logan Mader, [formerly of] MACHINE HEAD, played guitar on one song.

"The singers: Mark, the singer from CHIMAIRA, [recorded vocals] on one song. It came out fucking brutal. It's called 'Enemy'. Matt Heafy, the singer of TRIVIUM, did one song. It came out amazing. This song might be the first single from the album. It's called 'The End'. Dez [Fafara] from DEVILDRIVER is doing a song and Cristian from ILL NINO is doing a song. Three of my songs are brutaly heavy and one is light. I wanted to try and do something different for the light song." Will we still be hearing your melodic side as well as the brutal heavy songs/riffs?

Dino: "My heart is with metal and will always be. I love playing heavy shit, but as most of you know, I have a melodic side, so [I will be] combining those two styles together always. I love doing the machine-gun riffs with the melodic choruses..." Have you thought of doing a project with another guitarist?

Dino: "When I was in FEAR FACTORY, we tried out a bunch of guitarists. It just didn't fit, but I'm still open to the idea. I would like to get a second guitarist for ASESINO. Maybe Andreas Kisser?" Like most guitarists whose songwriting has been affected by the death of Dimebag, will it have any affect on yours?

Dino: "Dimebag Darrell is a hero to me and many others. Zakk Wylde said to me, 'Now that Dime, our master, is gone, it's up to us to keep these heavy riffs going. We need to keep metal alive. He is in us.' I cried after he said that to me. Dimebag will always have a influence on me, dead or alive."

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