Former GUNS N' ROSES Drummer: 'AXL ROSE Is A Lousy Friend'

February 5, 2003

Former GUNS N' ROSES drummer Steven Adler says that he would love to reunite with his former bandmates, even if it means putting up with the notoriously unpredictable frontman Axl Rose again.

"Axl is a great singer but a lousy, y'know, friend or bandmate," Adler said on The Official Steven Adler Fan Site.

"The only reason I'd like to put the band back is, for one, the five of us together could still work incredible and great and be comfortable with each other," he explained. "Together we could pull something off that's fantastically awesome. I think we owe it to the fans and ourselves. But I can't wait anymore, if it happens it happens. I'm working on putting my own project together with some great bandmates, I will mention their names soon, we've got a show here in Vegas on March 22nd and the details will be [on this web site]."

(Thanks: The Official Steven Adler Fan Site)

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