Former ILL NINO Members Join Forces In CORETEZ

September 18, 2003

Former ILL NINO members Roger Vasquez (guitar) and Marc Rizzo (percussion) have joined forces in CORETEZ, a new project that is currently "experimenting and demoing songs" at Hell studios in New Jersey with producer Adam Hornyak.

CORETEZ's music is "a mix with the new and the old," according to a post on the group's newly launched web site, "You can really hear all the influences from ZEPPELIN to TITO PUENTE to SLAYER to SEVENDUST to PACO DE LUCIA. It's a mixture of all the jams were into. We can't wait to get out there and play for you all! Were feeling really good and anxious to get out there and TEAR SHIT UP! At the moment, the mob consists of Marc Rizzo, Roger Vasquez and Marek Niemec."

With regards to the group's name, the band write, "the name CORETEZ represents the hardcore, heavy, rock 'n' roll, punk, death metal in us and also the very Latin influence in us from Salsa to Musica Flamenca to Merengue and everything in between."

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