Former KISS Guitarist Talks About Touring With Late KISS Drummer ERIC CARR

November 30, 2003

Former KISS guitarist Mark. St. John recently spoke to about his personal experiences with late KISS drummer Eric Carr during his short tenure with KISS and up to Eric's tragic death on November 24, 1991.

When asked if he had any memories of being on the road with Eric, Mark said, "Yeah, yeah, I don't even remember playing with him, I felt so terrible. But Eric and I used to hang out. Gene [Simmons] had his wigs, right? They were Warren Beatty-type wigs … Warren Beatty Shampoo wigs. Eric and I one time took his wig and were playing catch with it. And Gene's getting all freaked out. 'Don't drop it. It costs so much money.' And then we dropped it on the floor. I can't remember what we called the thing. But we were throwing it back and forth over Gene's head and he's trying to catch it. It drops and gets all dirty on the floor and then we stopped it. It was Eric's idea and I thought it was cool so I played along. It was all in good taste, but Gene got all freaked out about it. That was one thing I remember about the tour, especially Eric. What else? The band was the only people that went on the airplane. Everybody else had to take the tour truck. When we landed, we would go either right to the hotel or right to the area. We'd do a sound check or hotel just to check in. They didn't even tune their own instruments as far as I know. In fact, when I went to audition, they had somebody else tune their instruments. They didn't even bring their own instruments. They just rented the instruments. Crazy stuff. That's alright."

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