Former KYUSS Bassist Talks About Appearing In METALLICA's 'Monster' Movie

August 1, 2004

Bassist extraordinaire Scott Reeder (ex-KYUSS, UNIDA) has posted the following update on his current activities:

"Been real busy with all kinds of stuff... GOATSNAKE's 'Trampled Under Hoof' is done — available now at , but the official release date is August 10th. I'm doing a coupla gigs with those guys, too:

September 4th at The Elbo Room in San Francisco with Khanate
September 6th at The Knitting Factory in L.A. with High On Fire and Khanate

"I'm really stoked — I haven't played bass on anything released in ten years besides little bits on other people's records, and haven't played a full live set in a coupla years, either — feels great to be back in action! The record's already getting a lot of really positive feedback — feels good. We start rehearsing tomorrow at the ranch...

"Also, my solo deal contract is apparently in the mail, so hopefully the business crap'll be done shortly and I can get my bloody signature on that thing and get 'TunnelVision Brilliance' out finally.

"I talked to a friend yesterday that saw the METALLICA movie ['Some Kind of Monster'] — I guess I'm in there for a second. Of course they used footage of jamming 'Battery'! I hadn't worked much on that one, and things were so loose and casual, when Lars pushed to play that one, I figured those guys would be pretty rusty, but they smoked it! I can't wait to see it, though — it was such an awesome but surreal experience, it seems like a dream. I guess seeing the flick'll make me realize that it really did happen back there..."

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