Former MACHINE HEAD Guitarist Names New Project

June 4, 2003

Former MACHINE HEAD guitarist Ahrue Luster has chosen the name SUPERNAUT for his new Sacramento-based project in which he is joined by three former members of the local band JUGGERNAUT.

The group (Luster, vocalist Patrick Schmidt, bassist Rob Marshall, and drummer Marty Bechtel),which has been in existence since last fall, "has taken a bit longer than we had originally hoped to get going," Luster told BLABBERMOUTH.NET. "I think the main reason was basically the me having to really get to know the other three members and them getting to know me. We also had to learn how to work with each other and get to know each other's styles, strengths and weaknesses.

"At this point we have tons and tons of raw material but only about four or five complete songs," Luster said. "We have been extremely critical of the music so we end up putting a lot of thing on the backburner. However, things are flowing a lot faster now, mainly because the comfort level is a lot higher than it was at first. Also, we have made the decision to be a little less critical so that we can put a set together and start playing shown to get the name out there."

Some of the song titles are "Trust", "Bleeding" and "Eye Opener". A web site is currently under construction at

Prior to hooking up with the members of JUGGERNAUT, Lusterproduced a demo for the group, whose musical direction was being described as a mixture of the DEFTONES, SOUNDGARDEN and MACHINE HEAD.

Ahrue left MACHINE HEAD in May 2002 due to "creative differences" and immediately began jamming with COAL CHAMBER bassist Nadja Peulen with a view toward forming a band together. Those plans have since been put on hold until such time as Ahrue and Nadja find a suitable vocalist to front the project.

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