Former OVERKILL Drummer To Host 'Thrash Metal Roots' Radio Special

March 12, 2008

"Thrash Metal Roots", a radio special hosted by filmmaker/OVERKILL founder Rat Skates, will be broadcast on WRAT 95.9 FM "The Electric Ballroom" on Sunday, March 16, 2008 at 10:00 p.m. EST.

Veteran Sirius Satellite Radio DJs Keith Roth and Aimee Kristi welcome Rat Skates to "The Electric Ballroom" for an in-depth look at the bands that inspired the 1980s thrash metal movement. "Instead of playing actual thrash metal or just no-brainer cuts from the obvious bands, I culled about 20 songs from punk, metal, rock and hardcore that distinctly reflect the 'stepping up' of our playing styles and attitudes that inspired the evolution of the thrash genre, going back to 1977, and ending up in 1987," says Skates. "There's some of the bigger names, some smaller, but each song has a unique component, whether it was double bass drumming, lyrical content, palm-muted guitar playing or maybe just pure aggression that was totally ground-breaking for that time period, all of which had a very significant impact in pushing the envelope for us back in the '80s. The bands that we're playing are the dirtiest and perhaps very unknown roots that will unearth what inspired us all: METALLICA, SLAYER, EXODUS, ANTHRAX, MEGADETH, OVERKILL, on and on…which directly set the footing for what's going on today. This show will be a great listen, it will take the audience right back to 'the day.' Undoubtedly it will educate the 'new school,' remind the 'middle school' and take the 'old school' back to 'pre-school!'"

"Thrash Metal Roots" will be broadcast on New Jersey's WRAT 95.9 FM "The Electric Ballroom" on Sunday, March 16, 2008 at 10:00 pm EST, and will also be streamed worldwide on the web via, by clicking "Listen Live."

As previously reported, an edited version of "Born in The Basement", the latest film from Rat Skates, is currently being shown on the music television network Concert.TV until March 31.

Concert.TV is a free-to-view, on-demand television network that programs memorable performances, compelling documentaries and unique originals for subscribers of Comcast, Cox, Insight, Charter and DirecTV, channel 1829. To check for availability of Concert.TV on your local cable service, look in the on-demand listings or visit them online at

Written and narrated by Skates, "Born in the Basement" is an autobiographical journey that begins in 1980, when the East Coast of North America experienced a massive culture clash of punk, disco, stoner music, new wave and heavy metal. Frustrated by this suburban identity crisis and fueled by the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, a small group of energetic youths were unknowingly creating the most extreme music ever to assault global eardrums: thrash metal.

Skates was one of the most recognized pioneers of the movement. This is a drive through his tunnel vision to success, and the philosophy that turned his dreams into reality...THE "DIY" MINDSET!

From milk-crate drum risers to toll-booth advertising and brain-washing girlfriends, this movie boldly goes well behind the scenes, deep into the New York/New Jersey cover band circuit and pre-digital tape-trading underground to candidly reveal the hidden hurdles that every young musician must jump in the quest for rock stardom, the passion of their vision, and dedication to their family...

Conquering the skeptics and obliterating the odds, this vivid recollection of creating OVERKILL as part of a groundbreaking culture in un-chartered territory is told in true down-to-earth "old-school" spirit. "Born in the Basement" is an inspirational story of perseverance, where his imagination met a desire that turned into obsession...the true, naked secrets of success are exposed, and the realities that eternally haunt it...

"Born in the Basement" will also be shown at Music Doc Festival (Sweden) and Festival Filmer La Musique (Paris, France),with screenings in March and April, respectively.

The film is available on DVD at and at retailers worldwide through the MVD Entertainment Group.

Watch the "Born in The Basement" trailer below.

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