Former PHANTOM BLUE/VIXEN Bassist Passes Away

May 6, 2003

Former PHANTOM BLUE/VIXEN touring bassist Rana Ross passed away on May 3 due to liver failure. She was 34 years old.

Rana joined PHANTOM BLUE in 1994, shortly after the release of their second album, "Built To Perform", and toured with VIXEN in 1997 before forming SINBOY with singer/programmer Elysa Grey, whom Ross had dubbed "a female Trent Reznor." Rana, who was said to be seriously considered for a Janet Jackson tour in the early '90s, lived bass, and was proud to have had a journalist call her "The Female Flea." Tired of being a sideperson, she spent her last days concentrating exclusively on her solo project, which was in the process of recording an album.

The following is a statement issued by Ross' family regarding her passing:

"As many of you know, Rana Ross passed [on May 3]. Despite how you may now her (as a writer, a musician, a friend, a business associate),she was so much more than that. She leaves behind her husband John Ross, her mother Anne St. George, her sister Reesa St. George and brother-in-law Bill Cuffari, her aunt and uncle, Louisa and Ted Klopsis, and cousin Eugenia Klopsis.

"She was a great bass player. But more than all of that, she was a Brooklyn girl from way back — tough, cool, she had this voice that would knock your socks off... oh, she was the best.... you know that, though.

"She was our best friend. We loved her completely. Now we know she doesn't need anything else. She is free.

"Rana was and still is in our eyes a SUPER person who has been incredibly strong for many years. She is talented, intelligent, amazing, awesome, and every descriptor and superlative that can be thought of. She was always a very strong figure in our lives as far as we can remember.

"She was working on her first solo CD for some time now and was very appreciative of the gestures her producer, Jeff Moleski, made as he basically moved his studio into her house and committed to work on her CD with her at her own pace until completion.

"Rana will be missed completely by so many people who recognized her beauty, worth, talent and spirit. This is such a GIANT void in our lives that we can't even begin to work through. We're hoping that all of you will have a chance to visit us and let us know in what way she influenced your lives."

Rest in peace, Rana.

For more information on Rana Ross, visit her official web site at

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