Former SAIGON KICK Singer Resurfaces With Solo Debut

February 16, 2003

Former SAIGON KICK frontman Matt Kramer recently resurfaced after a lengthy silence with his first album as a solo artist, "War & Peas". He explained to what happened to his previous band. "Let's say I was getting ripped off. Yeah, they found me on the highway jacked up on blocks, stripped and burning...and broke. The single 'Love Is On The Way' hit pretty big and the new material that was being pushed down my throat by Atlantic, and CERTAIN band members for the new CD...because it was so poppy and beautiful, jerk off jerk off...was not up to par or wasn't it SAIGON KICK. It was the green-eyed money monster period. And to tell you that I actually quit in Stockholm, Sweden, at the mic singing that dreadful lovely dovey pop, set your wings to take flight love ballad, that ended up as 'Waters'' first single with an anchor, appropriately titled 'I Love You'. And to tell you that I was actually laying down tracks for 'The Lizard''s follow-up. And quit calling me crazy but I'm not singing that shit. No way. Plus I was getting fleeced along with two other members so it was just a burning ship and I just left before it consumed all of me that would be left. Basically, all in all, the band was lost after we got our deal, and realized money and power were better drugs than the real band that was a hard working group of cats struggling and bonded like brothers, sweating in a in a warehouse in cracktown six months earlier. Fucking Amazing." Read the whole interview here.

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