Former STEEL PROPHET Frontman Breaks Leg While Performing Handstand

September 27, 2002

Former STEEL PROPHET and current TARAXACUM vocalist Rick Mythiasin broke his leg while performing a handstand at a park in Los Angeles recently. According to an official statement, "[Rick] got the idea of trying to do a handstand on one of the many picnic tables [while walking with his two dogs through a park in Los Angeles]. Unfortunately, [the table] was wet, and Rick slid off, which caused him a complicated three-time break in his upper leg." Now the bone has to be fixed externally with several metal pins coming out of his right leg, which are held together by metal slides. "It's bizarre," stated Mythiasin. "I'm looking like Terminator!!!"

Despite Rick's injury, the singer is sticking to his plans to come to Germany in November for about two months to put the finishing touches on the new TARAXACUM material.

TARAXACUM's as-yet-untitled second album is tentatively scheduled to be released in early/mid 2003 through MTM-Metal Records.

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