Former TESTAMENT/DEATH Guitarist Offers Preview Of Upcoming Solo CD

November 24, 2002

Former TESTAMENT/DEATH guitarist James Murphy has released a 35-second clip of him playing a lead over a guitar riff, to be used towards the axeman's next solo CD, which is unlikely to surface before 2004 at the earliest.

"I made this by sequencing a short drum loop with my Kurzweil K2000VXs, which I then recorded digitally through my old (and thankfully recovered from its previous theft) TC Electronic Finalizer, directly into my old PowerMac 9600/Pro Tools rig (one of the few other recovered items)," Murphy explained. "Then I overdubbed two rhythm parts from a Line6 POD Pro, once again digitally through the Finalizer, and then added the lead and harmony parts and finally some synth texture from the Kurzweil.

"The low quality MP3 format I have to use here for emailing purposes butchers the sound a bit, but it was just a super quickie demo anyway. I hope you can make everything out.

"This is just my way to let everyone know that I am back to playing and writing music and a way to show my gratitude for all the help and support I have received from all of you over the last year.

"Check out some more of my new stuff: I played two solos on the new MALEVOLENT CREATION CD 'The Will To Kill', out now on Arctic Music and Nuclear Blast, three on the upcoming SUMMON CD '...And The Blood Runs Black' on Moribund Records, and I have already recorded a few solos for the next two TRANSMETAL CDs (these guys are the death metal kings of Mexico)."

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