Former TNT Bassist Explains Departure

September 7, 2004

Former TNT bassist Morty Black recently spoke to about his departure from the group and his current activities. Several exceprts from the interview follow: Why did you leave TNT?

Morty Black: "There are many reasons really, but the main reasons are personal and that I disagree with the business philosophy! I want to play as much as possible, and that’s a bit hard with TNT, since we are spread all over the planet." What are you currently up to?

Morty Black: "Right now I'm touring with an artist called Åge Aleksandersen. He’s been around for many years and is probably the most selling and heavily touring Norwegian artist. He's singing in Norwegian. If I were to explain his popularity and profile, the closest get is: A Norwegian Bruce Springsteen. If you want to check him out go to his website:" Why don't you think TNT had better success here in the U.S.?

Morty Black: "I think the main reason, and this goes for the whole world really, that TNT was never available enough. It is very easy to sit back now and say what we could have done etc., but since we leave this far apart from each other, and we have grown up in different cultures, I think we either should have stayed in the US much more and simply just been around more! That would have helped! Also there where some trouble with management etc."

Read Morty Black's entire interview with at this location.

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