Former WHITE LION Frontman MIKE TRAMP To Release 'Maybe Tomorrow' Solo Album

October 17, 2016

Former WHITE LION singer Mike Tramp will release his tenth solo album, "Maybe Tomorrow", in February 2017 via Mighty Music/Target Group.

Tramp states about the follow-up to 2015's "Nomad": "'Maybe Tomorrow' is my tenth solo album, and twenty years have gone by since my first was released. My songwriting, style and sound is forever cemented in the rock world with 'Maybe Tomorrow', and there should be no more doubt or confusion, of who Mike Tramp is, 'cause this is where I stand and this is where I will remain."

Adds Michael H. Andersen, CEO Target Group: "Having worked with Tramp on and off for twenty years, it warms my heart to witness his brand of rock 'n' roll, both music and image wise, is more vital than ever before."

It has been forty years since Tramp first stepped on stage as a very young lad, and the career up until now has been a show of force in the many different faces of rock 'n' roll, as frontman of WHITE LION and FREAK OF NATURE — followed by a glorious solo career for more than 25 years.

Mike in February 2015 once again squashed any rumors of a WHITE LION reunion, claiming guitarist Vito Bratta had no desire to play music.

"A WHITE LION reunion is impossible," Mike told the Jakarta Globe. "Bratta has shown a negative response [to the idea]. He stopped playing guitar, stopped recording; he is just not interested in music anymore."

Tramp's last attempt to revive WHITE LION resulted in the 2008 album "Return Of The Pride" with new members Jamie Law on guitar, bassist Claus Langeskov, drummer Troy Patrick Farrell and Henning Wanner on keyboards.

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