GAMMA RAY Axeman Contemplates HELLOWEEN Gig

February 20, 2002

GAMMA RAY guitarist Henjo Richter has been holding discussions with HELLOWEEN mainman Michael Weikath about joining the latter act as a replacement for the departed Roland Grapow, Weikath has revealed in a brand new interview posted at According to Michael, We intend to start recordings [for the new HELLOWEEN studio album] in July. I don't want to risk not doing a good record if we take that date... If it's postponed for a month, I don't care, because it depends on who the new guitarist is. Henjo Richter of GAMMA RAY and I had a meeting and we discussed about him joining HELLOWEEN and leaving GAMMA RAY. Now I don't know what will become of that actually because I had to leave Hamburg and come back to Tenerife. Right now I am going to create some new tracks and eventually await his decision.

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