GENE SIMMONS Attends KISS Fragrance Party In Las Vegas: Photos Available

October 29, 2006

KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons attended the KISS Fragrance Party at Pure in Las Vegas Friday night (Oct. 27). Check out pictures at this location.

Announced in February 2006, the KISS collection includes a new product line of beauty, shampoo and fragrance products entitled "KISS Him" (for men) and "KISS Her" (for women). The "KISS Him" line includes cologne, shampoo/body wash, deodorant, body spray and shaving cream. The "KISS Her" line features perfume, body lotion, shower gel, and bath splash. Both are marketed by Gemini Cosmetics.

KISS guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley was previously quoted as saying about the fragrances, "While most upscale fragrances communicate a similar personality, we wanted these scents to break the rules and speak a different body language. Like KISS, these fragrances make no apologies for embodying an attitude that is unrepentedly sexy, aggressive and incredibly unique." Gene Simmons stated, "KISS fragrances have the smell of success for us... and for all the men and women who will wear it. These fragrances hit all the right notes and will top the charts in no time."

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