GENIUS Rock Opera: More Details Revealed

September 2, 2002

More details have emerged concerning the release of the hugely-awaited first episode of the GENIUS Rock Opera, written and performed by the Italian musician Daniele Liverani, known for his work with the prog-metal Italian heroes, EMPTY TREMOR. The cast of characters includes the following:

Mark Boals (ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, RING OF FIRE) as "Genius"
Lana Lane as "Doorkeeper"
Daniel Gildenlow (PAIN OF SALVATION) as "TwinSpirit n. 32"
Chris Boltendahl (GRAVE DIGGER) as "Stationmaster"
Joe Vana (MECCA) as "King McChaos Consultant"
Steve Walsh (KANSAS) as "Wild Tribe King"
John Wetton (ASIA) as "McChaos King"
Oliver Hartmann (AT VANCE) as "Wild Tribe Consultant"
Midnight (ex-CRIMSON GLORY) as "Maindream"

Additional appearances will come from Philip Bynoe (STEVE VAI, RING OF FIRE) as "The Storyteller", and Olaf Senkbeil (DREAMTIDE),Hachy Hackmann and Chris Bolthendal (GRAVE DIGGER) performing all the "choir" parts.

The whole concept revolves around the many characters that Genius meets during his journey in the parallel dimension where he discovers the secrets of the creation of the human dreams.

According to an official press release, "the music style can be described as an exciting mixture of melodic rock and progressive metal." An October 23rd release through Frontiers Records is expected.

For more info and song samples, click here.

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