GEOFF TATE To Celebrate 30th Anniversary Of QUEENSRŸCHE's 'Operation: Mindcrime' On European Tour

October 31, 2017

Ex-QUEENSRŸCHE frontman Geoff Tate will embark on a world tour starting in December 2017 for the thirtieth anniversary of his former band's "Operation: Mindcrime" album.

"Operation: Mindcrime" is the third studio album of eleven that Geoff recorded with the progressive heavy metal band QUEENSRŸCHE. The concept album and rock opera is a story following Nikki, a recovering drug addict, who becomes disillusioned with the corrupt society of his time and becomes involved in a revolutionary group, acting as an assassin of political leaders. The certified platinum album was rated by Kerrang! as one of heavy metal’s top hundred albums of all time.

QUEENSRŸCHE played "Operation: Mindcrime" in its entirety during the band's 1990 tour to promote the "Empire" album. The performance featured video, animation and guest singer Pamela Moore as the character Sister Mary.

Tate was fired from QUEENSRŸCHE in 2012. A two-year legal battle followed where Tate sued for the QUEENSRŸCHE name, only for his former bandmates Michael Wilton (guitar),Scott Rockenfield (drums) and Eddie Jackson (bass) to respond with a countersuit. They eventually settled the dispute, with Wilton, Rockenfield and Jackson continuing as QUEENSRŸCHE, and Tate now having the sole right to perform the albums "Operation: Mindcrime" and "Operation: Mindcrime II" in their entirety live.


Jan. 11 - Button Factory, Dublin, Ireland
Jan. 12 - The Belfast Empire, Belfast, UK
Jan. 13 - Corporation – Sheffield, UK
Jan. 14 - Muni Arts Centre, Pontypridd, UK
Jan. 15 - The Garage, London, UK
Jan. 16 - Trillians, Newcastle, UK
Jan. 17 - The Robin 2, Bilston, UK
Jan. 18 - G2, Glasgow, UK
Jan. 19 - Yardbirds Rock, Grimsby, UK
Jan. 20 - Rebellion, Manchester, UK
Mar. 22 - Moonlight Music Hall, Diest, Belgium *
Mar. 23 - Neushoorn, Leeuwarden, Netherlands *
Mar. 24 - Le Forum de Vauréal, Vauréal, France *
Mar. 25 - Ninkasi Kao, Lyon, France *
Mar. 27 - Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain*
Mar. 28 - Sala Rock City, Almàssera, Spain*
Mar. 29 - Hard Club, Porto, Portugal *
Mar. 30 - RCA Club, Lisbon, Portugal *
Mar. 31 - Sala Arena, Madrid, Spain *
Apr. 01 - Secret Place (Home Of Underground Rock),Montpellier, France *
Apr. 03 - Live Music Club, Trezzo sull'Adda, Italy *
Apr. 04 - Orion, Rome, Italy *
Apr. 05 - Zona Roveri Music Factory, Bologna, Italy *
Apr. 06 - ((szene)) Wien, Vienna, Austria *
Apr. 07 - Babylon Club, Bratislava, Slovakia *
Apr. 08 - Colosseum Music Club, Sokolov, Czech Republic *
Apr. 10 - Barba Negra, Budapest, Hungary *
Apr. 11 - Progresja, Warsaw, Poland *
Apr. 12 - Lido Berlin, Berlin, Germany *
Apr. 13 - Backstage München, Munich, Germany *
Apr. 14 - Konzertfabrik Z7 Bleibt, Pratteln, Switzerland *
Apr. 15 - Baroeg, Rotterdam, Netherlands *
Apr. 17 - The Underworld Camden, London, UK *
Apr. 18 - The Rock'n'Roll Shop, Charmes, France *
Apr. 19 - Turock Open Air, Essen, Germany *
Apr. 20 - Goron, Moscow, Russia *
Apr. 21 - Opera House, St. Petersberg, Russia *

* With ANGRA

Geoff has recorded seventeed studio albums throughout his thirty-five-year career and is regarded as one of the most skilled vocalists in the rock genre with hundreds of modern popular artists siting him as a major influence. Geoff is will known for expertly crafted lyrics combining social consciousness with high-energy, melodic complex music. Geoff and his band have been internationally recognized as thinking man's metal.

In addition to releasing seventeen studio albums as the original singer of QUEENSRŸCHE and as a solo artist, Geoff has released several live albums and has been nominated for a Grammy four times. He has sold over twenty-five million records and performed in more than forty-six countries.

Geoff will release a new album in December called "A New Reality" via Frontiers Music Srl. "A New Reality" is part three of a trilogy of records following his albums "The Key" and "Resurrection", both of which were also released through Frontiers. These three albums comprise a story following the lead character called "H" through an epic journey accompanied by the heavy progressive music that Geoff is best known for.

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