GLENN DANZIG: 'If You're Going To Have A War, You Should Kill Everyone'

February 10, 2005

DANZIG frontman and namesake recently spoke to ex-HADES guitarist Dan Lorenzo for a feature in an upcoming issue of Steppin' Out magazine. Several excerpts from the interview follow:

Dan Lorenzo: Did the murder of Dimebag effect how you feel about performing onstage now?

Glenn Danzig: "Well I've kinda burned out on performing — well, not really performing, because when you're onstage, it's great, and the interaction with people is great. It's why you tour. You don't make a lot of monery touring because there's so many expenses. I love being onstage for that hour and a half or two hours, but the other 22 hours suck. I live here in California and if there's an earthquake or a flood and I'm on tour, I worry about different stuff."

Dan Lorenzo: But are you more fearful going onstage after the Dimebag tragedy?

Glenn Danzig: "No. We've always had crazy fans and people that aren't fans. We've always had a gun and metal check since SAMHAIN. I think at one time DANZIG and LL COOL J were the only ones to have metal wands before the show."

Dan Lorenzo: What's going on with you possibly recording with Jerry Cantrell?

Glenn Danzig: "Just trying to work out our schedules and make it happen. We're gonna do a dark Southern blues kind of record. And when I say Southern I don't mean like LYNYRD SKYNYRD, I mean like ROBERT JOHNSON. A creepy old blues record."

Dan Lorenzo: Have you ever thought about doing a reunion with the original DANZIG lineup?

Glenn Danzig: "No, not really.

Dan Lorenzo: Do you still talk to those guys?

Glenn Danzig: "If I see John [Christ, guitar] out...he's a nice guy — we say 'Hi' to each other and ask how we're doing. I talked with Biscuits [Chuck, drums] a little while ago. I have no correspondance with Eerie [Von]."

Dan Lorenzo: Do you ever look at the posts on to see what people are saying about you?

Glenn Danzig: "No. I don't give two fucks."

Dan Lorenzo: You don't ever type your name into Google or anything?

Glenn Danzig: "No. I could give two shits."

Dan Lorenzo: You don't speak often about your political views.

Glenn Danzig: "Occasionally I'll say something, but it's not what everybody wants to hear. I think it's a more rational cut and dry point of view as opposed to a totally left or a totally right point of view."

Dan Lorenzo: So what did you think of the Iraqi election? Did that make the war worthwhile?

Glenn Danzig: "My view on war is, if you're going to have a war, you should kill everyone there."

Dan Lorenzo: So you wouldn't worry about collateral damage?

Glenn Danzig: "It's a war idiot! (laughs) You know what I mean? You're talking about war, like it's a game. It's not a game it's war! These people that are shooting back at you, they're trying to kill you and you should be trying to kill them. If there was somebody wounded and laying there I would put a bullet in them you know? It's war, it's not a game. I see all these politicians like Ted Kennedy who's a murderer in his own right, talking all this shit-your sending people out there to fight a war...this is a war! Either we're going or we're not going. Once we're there don't complain when somebody kills somebody because yopu sent them with a gun."

Dan Lorenzo: So that means you weren't offended by the prison photos that....

Glenn Danzig: "No! These people are taking innocent hostages and beheading them on TV — that should tell you you're enemy. There are no rules to war! Kill or be killed, that's war! What's worse? Beheading somebody on the Internet or abusing a prisoner of war? Were they really being abused? If that's abuse, then don't go to an American jail system (laughs) 'cause there's way worse in an American jail system. I think everybody's full of shit."

(Thanks: Dan Lorenzo)

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