GOD FORBID Guitarist DOC COYLE Responds To Internet Haters

March 3, 2009

Not content to let his brother Dallas do all the talking, GOD FORBID guitarist Doc Coyle has written an exclusive blog for MetalSucks in which he explains his feelings on Dallas' blogs, music criticism, and Internet responses to the band's new record, "Earthsblood". An excerpt follows below.

"Unlike Dallas, I admit that I do care what people think. I do. I don't create in a vacuum, but I also don't create for others. As a diehard, stalwart metal head myself, I have faith in the fact that if I like it then others will enjoy it. I respect solid criticism, and the fact is that I think some people are more qualified than others and are able to be much more objective than most people. Most people WILL NOT admit that they inject their emotions, prejudices, and preferences into how they perceive art. What bothers me is when critics and fans try to look into their fictitious seeing-stone to guess what the motivations behind a certain song or album is. People need to get through their thick ignorant heads that an album (or at least 'Earthsblood') is created over the course of maybe a year or two and is a collective collaboration. Trust me, all of the things you don't like about our album, we probably argued over in a rehearsal room or mixing room. We fight over every note, riff, lyric, and melody. It's a compromise that you usually don't know what it's going to be until it's completely done, and then you aren't even sure if you like it yourself because you're so close to the project. What I don't want to hear is bullshit like, 'Man, how can this get crap get a 9.5 when the new cannibal corpse got a 7.5.' First off, it's apples and oranges and it's this new internet Generation Y idea that if something isn't death metal then it sucks. I love CANNIBAL CORPSE, but we do something completely different. We love many styles of music, and we try to put it all into our music, and don't say it's too ambitious either. Don't blame us because you are too much of a pussy (critics and naysayers, not CANNIBAL CORPSE) to push your abilities and lose fans. We take chances. It takes a lot more balls to switch things up than to do the same shit over and over again. We'd probably be bigger now if we would've stuck with just screaming, but we wanted to expand what we did vocally to fit the music. And stop saying that singing isn't metal. I guess none of you dipshits have ever heard of IRON MAIDEN, METALLICA, or PANTERA. The first BLACK SABBATH album was all screaming. That shit was so metal. Grow up. Get in touch with some history. Now if you don't like the way we sing or think we do a bad job, that's fine because singing is very arbitrary and what may sound good to my ears might not sound good to you. I love MEGADETH, but some people hate Dave's voice. I get it. Different strokes for different folks."

Read the entire blog on MetalSucks.

GOD FORBID guitarist Dallas Coyle recently submitted a video update exclusively to Metal Injection with the top 10 reasons why you, the viewer, should buy his band's new album, "Earthsblood". Watch the clip below.

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