GODFLESH Mainman Doesn't Rule Out Possibility Of New Material

February 5, 2010

GODFLESH, the industrial metal band from Birmingham, England which formed in 1988 by Justin K. Broadrick (guitar, vocals, and programming) and G.C. Green (bass) and disbanded in 2002, will perform at this year's installment of the Hellfest, set to take place June 18-20, 2010 in Clisson, France. This will mark the reunited group's only appearance in Europe.

According to Justin, the band's lineup for the Hellfest performance will consist of Broadrick and Green, accompanied by various "machines and projections."

Justin explained to U.K.'s Terrorizer magazine the reasons behind the band's return to the live stage.

"It wasn't remotely planned," he said. "Whenever it's been mentioned previously, I'd stated categorically not, regardless of the color of the offers. But, somehow, this started to make sense late 2009, and once I put it to Ben 'G.C.' Green in no unceertain terms, it made sense to him, too. Not having to support a record or a label and just do as we wish on our terms is exciting, and to play as GODFLESH were originally designed is even more thrilling. Not that this may be repeated at all after Hellfest; we're literally taking it as it comes."

Terrorizer: What else have you got planned?

Justin: "GODFLESH will not commit to anything but Hellfest currently. I am unsure as to where we will go from there, if we go anywhere at all."

Terrorizer: Obviously, I've got to ask, what are the odds of any new GODFLESH material?

Justin: "That is fairly minimal. We are more than happy to return to our old sound for a show, but uncertain how we could do this in the context of new material. We've both moved on so much, but we will not rule out any possibility currently."

Terrorizer: What do you think makes a reunion worthwhile?

Justin: I consider it more worthwhile for those who never got the chance to experience the band live, especially under great conditions, as in projections and big stage/sound."

GODFLESH split up in April 2002 — six months after Green announced his departure from the group. "Regrettably it took until the day of leaving for a lengthy U.S tour for the realization [that the band was over] to finally take its toll on me," Broadrick stated at the time. "Unfortunately, the finality of the decision and the responsibilities of making the decision proved too much for me to bear, and I collapsed under the weight. I found that without G.C. Green, GODFLESH is not GODFLESH, and him leaving proved to be an omen for me. I also feel that everything we originally intended or even imagined with GODFLESH we have done."

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