GODHEAD's JASON MILLER Keeping Busy Between Albums

September 22, 2004

With the exception of a recent trip to China, GODHEAD frontman Jason Miller has not stopped working this year — and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Since the beginning of the year, after spending 2003 promoting GODHEAD's most recent CD, "Evolver", the talented performer/songwriter/businessman/actor has had very little downtime.

In early 2004, Jason opened Central Command Studios in North Hollywood — a recording, rehearsal and video facility. Along with bandmate Method, Jason is completely involved in the day-to-day running of the studio, but that certainly hasn't seemed to interfere with his creative pursuits. For one thing, GODHEAD have made good use of the facility and are currently writing and recording there for a new GODHEAD record to come out sometime in 2005.

In addition to that, Jason has co-written and sings and plays guitar on the upcoming Ben Moody (ex-EVANESCENCE founder/guitarist) album and will tour with Ben early next year.

But Jason's musical endeavors have always been only part of the story. The multi-talented performer has enjoyed a successful voice-over career for the past few years and in the past few months that has taken up a good portion of his schedule. He just finished playing two roles – Triple 7 in the Japanese animated series "Dead Leaves" (DVD available Sept. 28),and the role of Hanno in episodes three and four in the Japanese animated series "Ikki Tousen" (first four episodes now available on DVD). Now, he is currently playing the role of Shinji in the Japanese animated series "Texhnolyze" — a 22-episode series featuring Jason in almost every episode (first eight now available on DVD). And finally, he sang on the videogame soundtrack for "Guilty Gear XX" — the game and soundtrack currently planned for only a Japanese release.

According to Jason, there's a lot more in the works too. "When you have a lot of goals and dreams," he explains, "you have to maximize the time between albums and tours or you'll be putting things off until it’s too late to do them. One thing I've always promised myself is I don't want to grow old, look back and feel I missed anything. I can always sleep in the nursing home."

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