GODSMACK'S Next Album Will Rock In A Bluesier Way

November 2, 2004

GODSMACK drummer Shannon Larkin talked with ElectricBasement.com about how the next studio might sound. "It's going to be just a regular rocking GODSMACK album," he said. "We have some songs, and if anything, it might be a little more bluesy on this one. It's still heavy though, and that's the thing, we all grew up listening to heavy bands like BLACK SABBATH, RUSH, LED ZEPPELIN and AC/DC, so it's hard rock or heavy metal. Of course, twenty years ago, METALLICA was this huge influence. If it weren't for METALLICA, this band wouldn't sound the way it does. Before I was in this band, people would say, 'Oh man, they're an ALICE IN CHAINS rip-off.' I'm an ALICE IN CHAINS fan, and I can't tell you how this band sounds like ALICE IN CHAINS. I don't hear it — maybe 'Voodoo' — that doesn't really sound like ALICE IN CHAINS. I always thought that when I would hear a GODSMACK song on the radio that it sounded like METALLICA. ALICE IN CHAINS though? I don't get it."

Read Shannon and bassist Robbie Merrill's comments on the recent acousitc album, "The Other Side", and more here.

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