GOJIRA: Performance Footage Of New Song Available

August 16, 2008

French progressive-extreme metallers GOJIRA performed a brand new song called "Vacuity" during their August 14, 2008 concert at the Rock en France festival at Grand d'Arras in Arras, France (where they supported METALLICA). Watch fan-filmed video footage of the track below.

"Vacuity" comes off GOJIRA's new album, "The Way of All Flesh", which is scheduled for release on October 13 in Europe via Listenable Records and one day later in the U.S. through Prosthetic Records. The cover artwork (see below) was created by Joe Duplantier, who was also responsible for the artwork for GOJIRA's previous album, 2005's "From Mars to Sirius".

"The Way Of All Flesh" track listing:

01. Oroborus
02. Toxic Garbage Island
03. A Sight To Behold
04. Yama's Messengers
05. The Silver Cord
06. Adoration For None
07. All The Tears
08. The Art Of Dying
09. Esoteric Surgery
10. Vacuity
11. Wolf Down The Earth
12. The Way Of All Flesh

GOJIRA vocalist/guitarist Joe Duplantier recently told MTV's Metal File that "Flesh" is a conceptual work, focusing on the morbid topic of death.

"That's the theme — it's about death itself," he explained. "It's also about the immortality of the soul. That's the main subject for us. Since we started to play and release albums, we've always talked about the same thing: the soul.

"This album's got a more dramatic feel to it, and some of the lyrics are almost cynical," continued Duplantier. "Usually, with my lyrics, I'm always positive. But on this album, I'm so pissed off with the situation on Earth right now, how we're abusing so much, and we take everything that we can take from the ocean, and we kill off endangered species. So in some of the songs, it's almost like a requiem for the Earth. This record is a lot darker — like, a lot darker, I would say. The music is darker and more violent."

Regarding the new CD's musical direction, Duplantier said, "I think that, probably, some people will be disappointed by some things we did on this album, but there is also a very logical evolution of our music since 'From Mars to Sirius'. It's pretty much what we want to hear from a band, and that's been our goal since the beginning — to play music we could enjoy. And for the first time, we are happy with the sound we've achieved by being our own producers for all these years. We've never had an external person telling us what to do, and for the first time, we're very happy with the sound, because it's just so powerful."

Joe Duplantier was the featured guest on the July 13, 2008 edition of Indie 103.1 FM's specialty metal program "Chaos with Full Metal Jackie". The interview is now available for streaming at this location.

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