GORGOROTH Guitarist INFERNUS: 'I Personally Am Against Racism In Both Thought And Practice'

March 15, 2008

GORGOROTH guitarist Infernus who is involved in a legal dispute with his estranged bandmates over the rights to the group's name has issued the following statement:

"Recently there have been certain vile rumours and speculations circulating about me, which I now once and for all want to bring clarity to: I personally am against racism in both thought and practice, and GORGOROTH will never have any racist agenda as long as I have a say in it. Since it has come to my attention that certain Norwegian anti-racist organizations have been doing background checks on a former bandmate, I felt that I should make my view on this matter clear. As for any previous GORGOROTH members' unsavoury attitudes on this subject, I would of course feel it would be unfortunate if any personal attitudes were to have negative consequenses for the band, but I would also understand and accept that people would react strongly to this."

Infernus has announced plans to "commence legal proceedings" against GORGOROTH singer Gaahl and bassist King ov Hell over the rights to the group's name. "If everything goes as planned, the case could go before the courts in June this year," according to a posting on the guitarist's web site. "Infernus is considering not only taking the band name conflict before the courts, but also the matter of certain allegations and untruths propagated about him.

"The past couple of months Infernus has been busy travelling abroad to meet with his new band members as well as a new producer, and he has also been working on the forthcoming Grieghallen live album, to be released on Regain Records. Some aspects of this live album will probably come as a surprise to both the fans and others. The material for Infernus' next GORGOROTH album, 'Quantos Possund ad Satanitatem Trahunt', is finished, and what remains now is doing the arrangements and starting rehearsing the material with Tomas Asklund (DISSECTION) and Frank Watkins (OBITUARY). Rehearsals will begin as scheduled in May 2008 in Monolith Studio, Sweden. The aim is to record the drums in this studio in August 2008, and then use the Laboratrio 6 Studio in Brazil (Ophiolatry/Fabio Sperandio) for the recording of all guitars and bass a few months later."

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