Guitar Hero JOE STUMP Talks About 'Speed Metal Messiah'

September 8, 2004

Shred guitar cult hero and Berklee School of Music professor Joe Stump will release his new album, "Speed Metal Messiah", through Lion Music on September 24. Stump recently spoke to Vinaya Saksena of Maximum Metal about the upcoming CD.

"The new record's definitely a step above everything else I've ever done," Stump said. "[It's] not all that different stylistically than my past records, but maybe even a bit more neoclassical. [There's] one cool Hendrixy thing towards the end of the record and a really nice ballad, but even the ballad's got somewhat of a baroque thing to it."

A label change from Leviathan to Lion has delayed the album's release slightly. Nevertheless, Stump says he is very happy with the outcome of the new album, particularly its strength of song and sound quality. He also revealed plans to make an album that pays tribute to some of his earliest influences, such as DEEP PURPLE, RORY GALLAGHER, and of course, JIMI HENDRIX.

"Sometime this year I'm gonna do a retro record where I'm playing some cover tunes and some original bluesy instrumentals and then maybe a couple of retro hard rock instrumentals with vocals," Stump said.

Instrumental guitar albums are often stigmatized as having a narrow appeal. Stump, however, feels that one need not be a guitarist or guitar enthusiast in order to enjoy "Speed Metal Messiah".

"There's lots of really insane neoclassical stuff and baroque induced stuff, but a lot of really nice melodies on the new record too," he said. "Too many of the shred guys make these records that sound just like exercises. You know, [on this album] there's cool riffs and there's melodies and stuff like that you can latch onto in addition to all the crazy playing."

(Thanks: Maximum Metal)

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