GUNS N' ROSES' Axl Back To Old Tricks At Vegas Gig

December 31, 2001

Notoriously temperamental GUNS N' ROSES frontman Axl Rose reportedly walked off the stage twice at the group's December 29th concert at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino after his mic went dead during the song Oh My God, according to live reports posted at The sound problems were eventually sorted out, but not before guitarist Robin Finck threw his guitar and Axl's mic stand in disgust over the technical issues at the gig. When the show did eventually continue, Rose reportedly performed the songs without directly addressing the audience, save for a lengthy 15-minute tirade prior to November Rain in which Axl called the gig "the first show in 10 years that I wanted to do" and referred to last year's New Year's Eve Las Vegas appearance and the subsequent Rock In Rio gig as concerts that he was asked to do. The singer then went on to say how former manager Alan Niven forced them to tour in 1991, which resulted in the latter's getting fired. With regards to the European tour, Rose reportedly claimed that he had no idea a tour had been scheduled. "One day I was sitting at home on the Internet and I found out that the GNR tour was cancelled and I had no idea that I had a tour," the singer was quoted as saying at the gig. As for the band's long-awaited Chinese Democracy CD, Rose stated that "we're in the studio doing this album and I can promise you that we're gonna deliver, and it's gonna be out of the ballpark We've been working on this album and I can tell you we're doing our best and that's all I can promise." The singer also stated, rather unbelievably, that guitarists Buckethead and Finck had never met before rehearsals for the House Of Blues gig last year, and he made derogatory references to ex-GUNS N' ROSES bassist Duff McKagan and guitarist Slash, as well as other former GNR members, using the band's celebrity status for themselves, which was met by a chorus of boos from the crowd.

Here is GUNS N' ROSES' set list from their performance at Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel and Casino on Saturday, December 29th (note: Night Train was also reportedly included on the official set list, but ended up not getting performed):

01. Welcome To The Jungle
02. It's So Easy
03. Mr. Brownstone
04. Live And Let Die
05. Oh My God
06. Think About You
07. You Could Be Mine
08. Sweet Child O' Mine
09. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
10. Madagascar
11. November Rain
12. Out Ta Get Me
13. Rocket Queen
14. Chinese Democracy
15. The Blues
16. Patience
17. My Michelle
18. Silk Worms
17. Paradise City

GUNS N' ROSES also unveiled a new logo at the show, which can be viewed at this location.

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