GUNS N' ROSES' BUMBLEFOOT Offering One-On-One SKYPE Guitar Lessons

March 25, 2011

GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal is now offering private lessons via Skype. He says, "One-on-one lessons, any age is welcome, any skill level is welcome — if it's your first time picking up a guitar, that's OK. :) Lessons are about what you need, what you want, it's different for everyone.

"Start by writing to me... Tell me about yourself — where you're from, how long you've been playing, the kind of music you like, if you've played with a band or just in the bedroom, what your strengths are, what you want to get better at, what you want to learn specifically. Things like that.

"Lessons are $1.50/minute, choose however long you'd like to go. We'll set up a day and time, I'll send you a confirmation email, PayPal me and we'll get crackin'..."

For more information, go to this location.

Thal earlier in the week released the third in a series of digital singles, an original song called "Invisible". The track is available in MP3 (320kps),AAC, and higher-quality formats FLAC, MP3 HD, Apple Lossless and WAV. An instrumental version of the song is available in these formats as well. For guitarists, there's a "Player Pack" that has a transcription of the entire lead guitar track as a PDF file — musical notation, TAB, fingers, picking, and helpful hints. Included with the transcription is a Backing Track mix and a Boosted Lead Guitar mix, in both WAV and MP3 formats. The "Producer Pack" contains 48kHz/24-bit Stereo WAV files of the mix "stems" — there's a file of drums, bass, guitar, second guitar, vocals and backing vocals that you can load into your multi-track software and play with levels, make your own mixes, and hear every nuance of each instrument's performance on its own track.

For more information, go to this location.

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