GUNS N' ROSES Manager: EAGLES OF DEATH METAL Could Not Handle Audience Response

December 1, 2006

GUNS N' ROSES' manager Merck Mercuriadis has responded to the claims by the EAGLES OF DEATH METAL leader Jesse "The Devil" Hughes that GN'R bassist Tommy Stinson threw down his bass in disgust after Axl Rose went off on the EAGLES after Hughes and Co. opened for GN'R at Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena Friday night (Nov. 24). EAGLES OF DEATH METAL took the stage in Cleveland to open the first of what was supposed to be 15 North American dates on the GUNS N' ROSES tour, but exited the trek after just that one performance following an onstage rant by Rose, during which he nicknamed the band "The Pigeons of Shit Metal" before informing his audience that the gig would be the EAGLES' last on the tour.

"When [Rose] called us the 'Pigeons of Shit Metal', Tommy Stinson took his bass off, threw it down and went, 'Fuck you, that's it!' to Axl," Hughes told "And then Axl picked [Stinson's] bass up and threw it at [him]."

Mercuriadis disagreed with Hughes' account. "There is no truth to either claim [that Rose fired a crew member or that Stinson threw down his bass] as evidenced by the fact that our crew remains identical to when the tour started almost six weeks ago, and to say Axl threw a bass at Tommy is pure fiction," he told "The EAGLES OF DEATH METAL were asked to leave the tour not only because GUNS N' ROSES' audience hated them and tore them apart but because they could not handle the response. They were supposed to play a 60-minute set but left the stage after 42 minutes due to the hostile reception. The facts do not support the image they are trying to portray, which is why they are attempting to put this spin on it."


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