GUS G. Talks New FIREWIND Singer, Forthcoming Solo Album, BLACK SABBATH's '13' (Audio)

June 17, 2013

Last week, Metal Shock Finland 's Blackdiamond conducted an interview with Greek guitarist Gus G. (FIREWIND, OZZY OSBOURNE). You can now listen to the chat using the audio player below.

On FIREWIND's current touring singer Kelly Sundown Carpenter (BEYOND TWILIGHT, OUTWORLD, DARKOLOGY, ADAGIO),who replaced Apollo Papathanasio in January:

Gus: "He's fantastic, this guy. Everybody who sees him perform live, their jaws are dropped immediately. They're, like, 'Wow!' It's amazing what this guy can do with his voice. And he's such a nice guy, too. I mean, we started out with Kelly, 'cause we didn't know him. And he really nailed it on the songs, he killed it. We hired the guy to go out with us and do the U.S. tour and the festivals, not really committing to further plans. We kind of take it day by day and see how it works between us, and so far it's been really good. Right now, there are no plans for us to go back in the studio very quickly, so we'll see when the time comes what will happen. But so far so good with Kelly. I hope it will continue."

On his upcoming solo album:

Gus: "It's in the process right now. I'm kind of in between playing festivals and completing the writing and gathering some of the guests for the album. I'm probably gonna be recording it sometime in the fall and hopefully can release it early in 2014. But we'll see. It's all kind of happening together — negotiating a record deal, writing, booking studios… It's a lot of work and it's kind of hectic right now, but I'm sure everything's gonna be in place pretty soon… There are some [guest musicians on the CD] that are known and some people that are completely unknown on there, just great musicians. Every song is different on it. It's gonna be a very diverse album. There's going to be some instrumentals, and there are gonna be some songs with vocals and different people on it. A lot of the stuff is a bit more mellow, a bit more classic rock-ish sounding."

On the new BLACK SABBATH album, "13":

Gus: "Yeah, I downloaded it the first day it came out, and I love it, it's a fantastic album. There's a lot of great songs on it; they've done a great job. I mean, what should I say? I'm such a huge SABBATH fan, I'm as excited as everybody else in the world about it… Tony Iommi, it's unbelievable, this guy, what he comes up with on the guitar."

Interview (audio):

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