GWAR Frontman Checks In

October 28, 2006

GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus has issued the following update:

"LISTEN UP! It is I, ME! ODERUS OF GWAR. First off, it may please you to know I have liberated the 'cavemen' from that insurance commercial, and brought them to Antarctica to live with GWAR. I mean, they had suffered enough humiliation, especially when you consider they are actually much smarter than most humans. So even as I speak are living a life of opulence and ease. Until of course the moment I choose to end their miserable cro-magnon-equse existence. Which actually was just a minute ago...and now they are dead. And now I am sexually mutilating their corpses.

"ANYWAY we are out on our massive 'Beyond Hell' tour, ravaging all that stand before us in our savage, yet brutal, caress. City after city burn with the very flames of Hell, and yet you continue to throw yourselves upon our blazing altar of syphllis. 'Beyond Hell', our heaviest album ever, is now infecting the world, and GWAR answers the call with our most ground-devouring tour yet! North America shall reel beneath our boundless wrath! Then GWAR shall return to Europe in the early part of 2007, invading again in the summer for festivals of barbaric proportion, to continue the merciless re-conquest of Europa that we began last year! Asia beckons like a far-away whore, Australia, South America.... 'Beyond Hell' is a worldwide release, and that means there are no limits to the swath of destruction GWAR shall reap across your world 'o' filth! Now go buy that fucking album!"

As previously reported, the first of three videos of GWAR performing at the third annual Rock And Shock convention on October 14 in Worcester, MA has been posted at Bohab Central. The first song posted is "War Is All We Know", from the band's new album "Beyond Hell". "Murderer's Muse" and "Saddam A Go-Go" will be posted in the next few days, as well as several pictures from the show.

GWAR's new album, "Beyond Hell", was released on August 29 via DRT Entertainment. The band's video for the ALICE COOPER classic "School's Out" can be viewed at this location.

"Beyond Hell", produced by Devin Townsend (LAMB OF GOD, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD) is said to be GWAR's "most crushing release yet." An e-card has been made available where fans can stream four tracks off the album. A deluxe limited edition of the album includes expanded artwork, a poster and a DVD which compiles all of the SlavePit TV episodes along with additional behind-the-scenes footage on the creation of the new costumes, as well as hilarious footage of GWAR in the studio with producer Devin Townsend.

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