GWAR Frontman Promises 'Titanic Show Of Death, Blood, And Metal!'

June 19, 2007

With theatrical rock decidedly back en vogue (just check "Headbanger's Ball" and metal publications for the proof),it's fitting that this year's edition of the Sounds of the Underground tour will feature one of metal's all-time most over-the-top theatrical bands, GWAR. Having already performed as part of the tour on two previous editions, this year's Sounds of the Underground lineup sees the masked monsters headlining the entire festival — resulting in the full-on GWAR experience.

"GWAR will be playing in the dark — which is great, we'll have the full light show, a longer set, and close the day's festivities," explains GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus. "This year, we've been playing almost exclusively songs from the new album, and for the Sounds of the Underground tour, we're going to go back into our catalog a bit — play some of the stuff from the earlier albums. It'll be the ultimate GWAR show – everything's that's cool about what GWAR is doing nowadays, but also taking elements out of our past. If you've never seen GWAR before, you'll be able to walk away from the show pretty much understanding what the deal is."

A pair of releases from last year will undoubtedly benefit from the Sounds of the Underground dates — the Devin Townsend-produced concept album "Beyond Hell" (which recounts the group's "journey to hell and back"),and a retrospective DVD, "Blood Bath and Beyond", which features footage from GWAR's first-ever gig all the way to the present day. Urungus promises an un-top-able GWAR live experience on the Sounds of the Underground dates ("A titanic show of death, blood, and metal!"),so be prepared for a no-holds-barred presentation of gore and grizzle.

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