H.I.M. Plot 'Love Metal' Attack

December 2, 2002

Finland's H.I.M. have posted the following update on their official web site:

"In a band meeting a couple of hours ago we made a grand plan for the next year. We'll be concentrating on Europe for much of the year. The new album [tentatively titled 'Love Metal'] will be out in April, followed by major European festivals in the summer. A full-fledged European tour is planned for the autumn, and this time in more intimate surroundings. Large clubs or smaller venues, two or even three nights in a row in major cities.

"We're planning to shoot two new videos in December / January for the forthcoming album.

"The first one will be shot December 15-18 in Los Angeles with Bam Margera [of 'Jackass' fame] directing. It will be mostly a performance video shot in an old theatre or church, but there will also be a storyline along with the performance. Juliette Lewis is set to be the female person in the story.

"The second video will be done in the beginning of January in Finnish Lapland. Stefan Lindfors is directing and there will be lots of surprises, wild horses and savage Lappish wolves in the fairy-tale story.

"One of these videos can be expected to start showing towards mid-February.

"After a long wait we finally got a confirmation from Universal Records that they will sign the band in the U.S. and the first nationwide release is preliminarily planned for February.

"We're also working on the merchandising to make it available in North America and especially to get the pirates out of the market. The worst ones seems to be www.heartagrambelts.com, who are ripping everyone off with their lousy designs and claiming that they have rights to Ville's heartagram logo."

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