HADES Guitarist Comes Clean About 'BON SCOTT' Collaboration

November 17, 2003

HADES guitarist Dan Lorenzo has admitted that he lied when he claimed that his song "BS" (mp3) featured lead vocals culled from ultra-rare recordings of late AC/DC frontman Bon Scott.

Last week, Lorenzo contacted BLABBERMOUTH.NET with the news that he managed to get his hands on a tape of Scott singing/goofing around a few weeks before his death in 1980. He claimed that the tapes came from Bon's sister, who gave the recordings to her next-door neighbor in Scotland.

The neighbor, who was supposedly a huge fan of Dan's old bands NON-FICTION and HADES, proceeded to give the tapes to Lorenzo, who then allegedly incorporated some of Bon's vocals into a song that he was recording at a New Jersey studio.

Lorenzo's announcement was met with much skepticism from the hard rock community, with many fans finding Bon's words in the song incredibly prophetic ("Remember me, you knew me well, when I was on highway to hell, I died too young, but now I'm back. I'm a problem child, I'm back in black.")

It turns out that the skeptics were right to question to question the recording's authenticity. The truth is, Dan doesn't have a Scottish friend who lives next-door to Bon Scott's sister, and there are no "lost" tapes of Scott "goofing around" — at least none that his sister would be likely to part with.

The following is Lorenzo's explanation for why he chose to deceive the hard rock community in such a seemingly heartless fashion:

"Why did I lie about having Bon Scott sing on my new song?

"I've been recording music for over twenty years. Each year it gets harder and harder to get people to listen to new music.

"I sell advertising and write a small column called '24-7' for Steppin' Out magazine. I am inundated by emails, phone calls etc from publicists from all over. They try and get me excited about a new artist. 'They're HUGE in Japan, they're the next LED ZEPPELIN — Yadda, yadda, yadda.' Sometimes record labels and publicists even LIE! All because they want you to listen to their newest band.

"I started the band NON-FICTION in 1989. I picked the name because I hate liars!

"Three weeks ago, myself, Johnny Milnes (MUCKY PUP, ALL BORO KINGS) and bassist Jimmy Schulman (HADES) had one rehearsal. I wanted to go into the studio to record four new songs I wrote. Next to us was an AC/DC tribute band rehearsing called OVERDOSE. We heard them through the walls and I almost fell over. Their singer Tom sounded exactly like Bon Scott. Jimmy got his number and gave it to me. My first reaction was, 'I don't need a guy who sounds like Bon Scott singing on my songs.'

"We went to Crystal Studios and recorded the four songs. Now I had to write some melodies and lyrics. I sang my first-ever lead vocal. I thought it came out great. The song is called 'Cassius King' and I used my own money to put it on the next Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles comp. CD. I mailed it to a few people, but it was hard to get them to listen.

"I started working on the next song. Into my head popped the lyrics, 'Remember me? You knew me well. 'Cause I was on highway to hell. I once was dead, but now I'm back.' I thought to myself, 'What the hell does this mean?' I realized it was for Tom from OVERDOSE to sing as Bon Scott. Some HADES fan has been trying to convince me to get a website for myself. I always thought it was stupid and egotistical. But I WANT PEOPLE TO HEAR MY NEW MUSIC. If I told people I had unreleased tapes of Bon Scott singing, I knew people would listen.

"Sorry I lied. I won't do it again. Did you even notice the song was called 'BS'?"

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