HALESTORM Frontwoman LZZY HALE's Coronavirus Advice Includes Listening To 'A Lot' Of Rock Music

March 14, 2020

HALESTORM singer Lzzy Hale has offered advice on how to deal with the coronavirus outbreak — which has so far infected more than 125,000 people and killed nearly 5,000 worldwide.

Lzzy took to her Instagram account earlier today to write: "Remember to wash ur mits, adopt the pornstar handshake (elbow bumps) and practice social distancing. Stay away from large gatherings and only go out when necessary. If you must go out, shop small and local. Stock up on frozen foods. Above all, stay positive, stay connected, stay informed, stay vicious. And listen to a LOT of ROCK music."

Officials have made it clear that the elderly — especially those with heart, lung and immunological conditions — are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus, with at least 25 deaths linked to one nursing home in Washington. In Italy, which has one of the oldest populations in the world, of the first 105 patients who died from the virus, the average age was 81, and many of the deceased had preexisting health conditions.

There is no known cure yet for the flu-like virus, which originated in China.

In the U.S., the number of known coronavirus cases has reached at least 2,100, with some modeling studies suggesting the U.S. — if its residents don't take preventive measures — will have more than 8,000 cases by next week, 40,000 cases in two weeks, and nearly 150,000 cases by the end of the month.

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