HALFORD Guitarist Builds PAIN MUSEUM, Plans Debut Album in 2003

December 2, 2002


HALFORD guitarist Metal Mike Chlasciak has announced the formation of PAIN MUSEUM, a new powerhouse metal band featuring vocalist Tim Clayborne, current HALFORD drummer Bobby Jarzombek and long time Metal Mike collaborator Steve Booke on bass. The band will tour and record around the HALFORD schedule.

PAIN MUSEUM's debut CD will build on the style of HALFORD's groundbreaking "Resurrection" CD, laced with melodic crushing riffs and over the top metal vocals. The new CD is being produced by Metal Mike and will be completed by spring 2003. The band will kick off a North American tour in early 2003.

"I guarantee that this will be one of the most celebrated metal albums of 2003," says Metal Mike. "The music twists all styles of real metal into something that's new, defined, yet strangely familiar. I have a superb musician line-up and the album goes straight to the heart. No filler — we are here to play metal. I promise it will not disappoint."

Metal Mike gained mass notoriety as a founding member of HALFORD. He has written and played on the band's debut CD "Resurrection" (2000) (Metal-Is/Sanctuary),the double live album "Live Insurrection" (2001) (Metal-Is/Sanctuary) and their brand new release "Crucible" (2002) (Metal-Is/Sanctuary). He also appears in the HALFORD videos "Cyberworld", "Made In Hell" and "Betrayal".

Metal Mike was born in Warsaw, Poland and ultimately relocated to New Jersey in 1984. Total guitar dedication led him to a scholarship at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, from which he graduated in 1994.

"While my peers were cutting off their hair and becoming jazz geeks, I was always wearing my metal T-shirts, playing way too loud, pissing absolutely everyone off, yet I did very well in class. People couldn't figure it out, ha," Metal Mike recalls.

Mike's talent was first featured at the ripe age of twenty when he was "spotlighted" in the pages of Guitar and Guitar Player magazines. Since then he has released three critically acclaimed metal-filled, aggressive guitar-based solo recordings.

"Upon my arrival in the United States, I learned my English from a TV Guide. Now I'm playing and touring the world with Rob Halford. It is a dream come true," says Metal Mike. "And now to spend my down time playing and touring with this awesome band of my new brothers, what more could I humanly ask for. I'm ready to fight for metal, it is my deepest love!"

In addition to announcing the construction of PAIN MUSEUM, Metal Mike is in development with several manufacturers on his own "signature" equipment line. Jackson Guitars has already delivered the first of Metal Mike's "Preferred Artists Choice" signature guitars, which they plan to have available in stores by summer of 2003. Not to shy away from the fashion culture, Metal Mike has also recently signed on as an endorsee of New Rock Boots and Gene SimmonsDragonfly clothing company.

For more information on PAIN MUSEUM, their touring schedule and their upcoming album, visit www.painmuseum.com or check out the official Metal Mike Chlasciak web site at www.planetshred.com.

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