HALFORD Manager: GLENN TIPTON Was NOT At Las Vegas Gig

February 10, 2003

Despite persistent rumors to the contrary, JUDAS PRIEST guitarist Glenn Tipton was not in attendance with his son at the opening-night gig of HALFORD's recent mini-tour at House Of Blues in Las Vegas, Nevada, according to HALFORD manager John Baxter. "Glenn was not at HALFORD's performance [in Vegas on Feb. 1]," Baxter told BLABBERMOUTH.NET when asked to confirm or deny the Tipton sighting. Tipton's presence at the gig was previously denied by PRIEST Management Co-Ordinator Jayne Andrews, who told BLABBERMOUTH.NET that "Rob [Halford] himself has told me that there was a Glenn lookalike at his show who was pretending to be Glenn and getting free drinks all night!! Glenn Tipton, needless to say, is really annoyed that someone is out there trying to impersonate him and using his name in this way, so people should beware of this guy because it is NOT Glenn Tipton!!"

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